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Our organization is committed to the principles of Positive Coaching Alliance and against a “win-at-all-cost” mentality. PCA calls a Positive Coach a “Double-Goal Coach®.” A win-at-all-cost coach has only one goal – to win. A Positive Coach shares that goal (wants to win) but has a second goal that is even more important – to use the sports experience to help young people learn “life lessons” and positive character traits that will help
them be successful throughout their lives. Help us promote the three PCA principles which have the power to “transform youth sports so that sports
can transform youth.” The three principles:
1) Redefining “Winner”  2) Filling the Emotional Tank  3) Honoring the Game
Redefining "Winner"
In professional sports (which is entertainment), there is only one goal – to have the most points at the end of a contest. However, in youth sports (which is education), there is a second goal: to produce young people who will be winners in life. To help our children get the most out of competitive sports, we need to redefine what it means to be a “winner.”
Winners are people who:
• Make maximum effort. • Continue to learn and improve. • Refuse to let mistakes (or fear of making mistakes) stop them.
Research shows that the home team wins about 60% of the time because of the emotional support a team receives when it plays in front of its own fans. Like gas tanks in cars, athletes have “Emotional Tanks” that need to be filled to do their best. There will be times when you need to correct and criticize. Research has shown that a “Magic Ratio” of 5:1 (praise to criticism) is ideal. Help us achieve this Magic Ratio with your child.
Honoring the Game gets to the ROOTS of positive play, where ROOTS stands for
respect for
• Rules: We don’t bend the rules to win. • Opponents: A worthy opponent is a gift that forces us to play to our highest potential. • Officials: We treat officials with respect even when we disagree. • Teammates: We never do anything that would embarrass our team on or off the field.
• Self: We live up to our own standards regardless of what others do.

There are 5 levels for STORM football, ages 6-14
Playing age of the child is based on his age before August 1 of the season participating.



Football players in the PAL Football leagues are assigned to teams based on a combination of age and weight. 

Cheer squads assignments are based solely on age.

Mighty Mites

Ages 6 – 8

Ages 6 – 7 | Weight Unlimited

Age 8 Max Weight 75 lbs at Jamboree

The Mitey Mite division is an instructional level and introduces youngsters to the incredible game of football.  Players will be taught the basic rules, fundamentals, and skills needed to enjoy the game of football.  Teamwork and positive coaching will create the foundation so that these young players and their families will be able to enjoy this great game for years to come.

Our goals for Mitey Mites:

  • learning the basic offensive and defensive terms and schemes
  • learning proper footwork skills (passing, running, blocking, etc.)
  • learning proper blocking techniques
  • learning proper tackling technique to prevent injury
  • gaining agility and overall athleticism
  • experiencing what makes football so great…Being part of the team
  • gaining friendships with other players

Rules for Mitey Mites include:

  • No Scoreboard – Games are played for fun and learning, not for the win or loss
  • teams will play two 20 minute halves (running clock) with a 10 minute half time
  • teams field full 11-man squads
  • there are no special teams (punts, kickoffs, etc.)
  • One or two Coaches from each team remains on the field.
  • 8-games regular season (including Mitey Mite Bowl)

This young division is popping up all over the country and the Storm is excited about getting these little ones out on the field.  This division is a great way for parents to get involved with a great program and spend quality time with their children.



Junior Pee Wee
Ages 8-11

Ages 8-10 | Max Weight at start of season 115 lbs

Older/Lighter  Age 11 | Max Weight at start of season 80 lbs
*max 7 older lighters*

X-Men 8 | Max Weight at start of season 130 lbs

The Jr. Pee Wee Division consists of 8-10 year old players with a weight range of 60-105 lbs & a few 11 year old players 50-80 lbs.  This is the first level of full-contact competition tackle football that involves the possibility of moving on to the PAL Championship.  This level is for beginning and experienced players.  Players at this level begin to learn more intricate levels of blocking, tackling & play execution based on their individual level and experience.  The football coaches are no longer on the field or in the huddle, they are on the sidelines coaching and monitoring the team.  Kids will start to showcase their talents and come into their own.  Practices, games and competitions are more serious and intense than the lower division.  Listed below are some football rules in this division:

  • They play on a 100 yard field.
  • No coaches on the field during play.
  • Playoffs and Post-season travel allowed.
  • No Platoon system (players can play offense or defense)

Pee Wee

Ages 9-12

Ages 9-11 | Max Weight at start of season 135 lbs

Older/Lighter Age 12 | Max Weight at start of season 100 lbs
*max 7 older lighters*

X-Men 9 – 10 | Max Weight at start of season 155 lbs

In this division competitive football is in full swing, combined with more speed and harder hitting than the previous level.  This level is a combination of new and experienced players.  Players continue to excel in coordination, self confidence and the desire to compete and advance to the next level. Practices, games and competitions are taken to a new level along with coaching and teamwork.

Some key points about this division:

  • Speed is at a new level.
  • Coaching and teamwork is highly important.
  • Playoffs and Post-season travel allowed.
  • Different size ball from lower divisions.
  • More skilled position players




Junior Midget

Ages 10-13

Ages 10-12 | Max Weight at start of season 150 lbs

Older/Lighter Age 13 | Max Weight at start of season 120 lbs
*max 7 older lighters*

***NO high school freshman allowed on this level***

X-Men 10 – 11 | Max Weight at start of season 175 lbs

This division is for player’s ages 10-12 & light 13 year olds.  This level continues the age appropriate training for this division with more emphasis in physical conditioning and advance football concepts.  Players can build off of what they learned at the previous levels.  However, many 1st year players start here as well. 


Ages 11-14

Ages 11-13 | Max Weight at start of season 180 lbs

Older/Lighter Age 14 | Max Weight at start of season 155 lbs
*max 7 older lighters*

***High school freshman must play on this level***
***NO high school Sophmores allowed , even if age requirements are met***

X-Men 11-13 | Max Weight THRU ENTIRE season 240 lbs

At this PRE-HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL, the excitement heats up and the desire to hit comes alive, along with the game as these kids use all of the tools they have learned and fine tuned. This is where tackle football is only played one way- FULL-SPEED & with HEART.  If your child plans on playing High School football they should play at least one year at this level.  This level is designed to prepare the player to make the transition to High School football.

  • Provide all players safe up-to-date equipment
  • Provide proper pre-high school level physical conditioning
  • Teach the basics of blocking and tackling
  • Teach the fundamentals needed for running, passing, receiving, punting and kicking
  • Teach individual and team offensive and defensive skills
  • Teach team work and discipline
  • Motivate all players to strive to do their best to achieve victory with grace and to accept defeat with honor


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