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  2016 Official PAL Game Schedule
released by PAL on August, 22nd of 2016

**Please be advised that some leagues do not have all team levels , however please keep these dates OPEN for the possibility of a fill in game**

***schedule is still subject to change***


1224 Del Mar Ave
San Jose, CA. 95128

STORM PRACTICE FIELD - Fall/Winter for 2016

Rainbow Drive & Blaney Avenue
San Jose, CA. 95129


1224 Del Mar Ave
San Jose, CA. 95128


Season Begins

The First Day "Kickoff " begins on:
 Sunday, July 17th of 2016
Del Mar High School Parking Lot
  8:00am – 2:30pm

The schedule is as follows:
8:00am - 10:30am: Dr Shahab will conduct medicals
9:00am : MM Football & Cheer check in ONLY
10:00am : JPW Football & Cheer check in ONLY
11:00am : PW Footbal & Cheerl check in ONLY
12:00 pm : JM Football & Cheer check in ONLY
1:00pm: M Football & Cheer check in ONLY

Check ins will consist of the following:
  collect all outstanding paperwork for each child
collect all outstanding balances
take child's certification picture
hand out spirit packs (football only)
parent sign ups for mandatory volunteer hours
hand out equipment (football only)

  Monday, July 25th of 2016 our regular practice schedule begins:

From July 25th thru September 2nd , practices are held 5 days a week, M-F, 2 hours, 5:30 – 7:30pm

In School Season Practice Schedule
(after Labor Day Weekend)

Location is Del Mar High School, San Jose Ca
Our In School Schedule is as follows...

Practice schedule is effective the following week after Labor Day, starting Tuesday, September 6th of 2016.

Practices are Tuesday and Thursday and then either Friday or Saturday depending what day we have the game that week, (if a Saturday game then last practice is on Friday but If game is on Sunday last practice is on Saturday).

Practice will continue to be at Del Mar high school Tue, Thurs. & Friday from 5:30pm-7:30pm, Saturday practices will be from 9am -11am.
**this schedule will remain through end of September**

Starting on October 3rd, due to daylight savings and the need to practice on fields with lights, practices will be moved to our Winter field, Calabazas Park, for the 2016 season. Practice will remain  on Tues and Thurs and then either Friday or Saturday depending on what day we have a game that week. Weekday practices will be at  Calabazas Park and Saturday practices will continue to be at Del Mar High School 9AM -- 11AM.

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday practices 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Saturdays- 9-11AM


                   Football Equipment distribution will take place on            Sunday, July 17th of 2016
**please see time slots mentioned above**



Attendance is required at all practice sessions and games. Because of the conditioning required to play football safely, candidates should not miss practice. Players missing practice for legitimate reasons (sickness or injury) should contact the head coach. Coaches reserve the right to limit the game playing time of participants not attending practice sessions and/or scheduled games. Families should attempt to plan vacations before practice/season begins. However we do realize conflicts will exist. Please contact your head coach to find out if your vacation will be at a critical time.
If you are interested in coaching please contact Jaime Sifuentes for football, & Maritza Aguiniga for cheer,

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