PAL Football is about teaching the fundamentals and giving everyone an opportunity to participate. The league and the associated programs have been structured to benefit all players by establishing the following division guidelines:


  • Football players in the PAL Football leagues are assigned to teams based on a combination of age and weight.
  • There are 5 levels for STORM football, ages 6-14.
  • Playing age of the child is based on his age before August 1 of the season participating.
  • Each football participant is required to weigh in before each game. A player that doesn’t make weight will not be allowed to participate in that day’s game.  Participants will be given an allowance of .5 pound, cumulative weekly, after the PAL Jamboree weigh in.



Weight Class


Mighty Mites


6-8 years old



Ages 6-7 -

Older Lighter Age 8-


  • Weight Unlimited
  • Max Weight 75lb at start of Season


Jr. Pee Wee


8-11 years old



Ages 8-10 -

Older Lighter Age 11-

Xmen Age 8-


  • Max Weight 115lb at start of Season
  • Max Weight 80lb at start of Season
  • Max Weight 130lb at start of Season


  • 10 Older Lighters are allowed per team 
  • 10 X Men are allowed per team 


Pee Wee


9-12 years old



Ages 9-11 -

Older Lighter Age 12-

Xmen Age 9-10-


  • Max Weight 135lb at start of Season
  • Max Weight 100lb at start of Season
  • Max Weight 155lb at start of Season


  • 10 Older Lighters are allowed per team 
  • 10 X Men are allowed per team


Jr. Varsity


10-13 years old



Ages 10-12 -

Older Lighter Age 13-

Xmen Age 10-11-


  • Max Weight 150lb at start of Season
  • Max Weight 120lb at start of Season
  • Max Weight 175lb at start of Season


  • 10 Older Lighters are allowed per team 
  • 10 X Men are allowed per team 




11-14 years old



Ages 11-13 -

Older Lighter Age 14-            

Xmen Age 11-13- 


  • Max Weight 180lb at start of Season
  • Max Weight 180lb at start of Season
  • Max Weight 240lb throughout Season


  • 6 Older Lighters are allowed per team
  • 10 X Men are allowed per team 
  • High school freshman must play on this level as Older Lighters
  • NO high school Sophomores allowed , even if age requirements are met

Key League Information - Storm Football

  • Storm's Home field is currently Del Mar High school located at 1224 Del Mar Ave., San Jose CA 95128.  We play home games at this location.  This field is also our practice field until day light savings time change, when we move to Calabazas Park to utilize the night time lights.  The second field is located at Rainbow Drive & Blaney Ave, San Jose CA 95129.  The league will make announcements when the practice field will change during the season.
  • Each participant is required to have a physical examination before they can begin practice. No one will be allowed to start practice without a valid physical and all other required paperwork. (No Exceptions). Storm does have a Physician present at many of our registration events that can perform the physical for a nominal fee.
  • If a team fills up, we can put you on a waiting list. Waiting list registrants need to have the minimum $50 non-refundable deposit paid. On June 4th those registrants on the team roster who have not paid in full will be bumped to the waiting list. Those on the waiting list will then be moved to the team roster if they are already paid in full or if they can pay in full immediately.


  • PAL rules state that in all leagues, the first week of official practice for any player (10 hours) shall be devoted entirely and exclusively to conditioning, not wearing any equipment. The 10 hour rule must be met for each player. Players are encouraged not to miss the first week as it will determine when they'll be allowed to practice with pads.
  • Equipment will be issued to your child on an individual basis. You must agree to be responsible for any lost or damaged equipment. Football players will be provided with helmets, shoulder pads, practice jerseys, game jerseys and mouth guards. Parents must provide football players with cleats (no metal cleats), cup, game pants and any other optional equipment. Equipment is to be returned at the final game of the season unless your child is selected to play in the All Star Game. Equipment is not to be modified in anyway unless done so by a Storm Coach or Board Official.
  • Practice will be 5 five days per week until starting the last week of July, and will continue until Labor Day or once games have started, whichever comes first. After such time, practice will be three days a week. Specific days will be determined by the league and posted in advance on the league's website.  Teams will practice weekdays from 5:30p.m.-7:30p.m., times will vary on the weekends. Your coach will inform you of practice schedule. Practice begins promptly, it is parent’s responsibility to be on time.



Attendance is required at all practice sessions and games. Because of the conditioning required to play football safely, candidates should not miss practice. Players missing practice for legitimate reasons (sickness or injury) should contact the head coach. Coaches reserve the right to limit the game playing time of participants not attending practice sessions and/or scheduled games. Families should attempt to plan vacations before practice/season begins. However, we do realize conflicts can arise. Please contact your head coach to find out if your vacation will be at a critical time.


Mighty Mites Division

This young division is popping up all over the country and the Storm is excited about getting these little ones out on the field.  This division is a great way for parents to get involved with a great program and spend quality time with their children.

The Mighty Mite division is an instructional level and introduces youngsters to the incredible game of football.  Players will be taught the basic rules, fundamentals, and skills needed to enjoy the game of football.  Teamwork and positive coaching will create the foundation so that these young players and their families will be able to enjoy this great game for years to come.


Our goals for the Mighty Mites Division:

  • learning the basic offensive and defensive terms and schemes
  • learning proper footwork skills (passing, running, blocking, etc.)
  • learning proper blocking techniques
  • learning proper tackling techniques to prevent injury
  • gaining agility and overall athleticism
  • experiencing what makes football so great…Being part of the team
  • gaining friendships with other players

Rules for Mitey Mites include:

  • No Scoreboard – Games are played for fun and learning, not for the win or loss
  • teams will play two 20 minute halves (running clock) with a 10 minute half time
  • teams field full 11-man squads
  • there are no special teams (punts, kickoffs, etc.)
  • One or two Coaches from each team remains on the field.
  • 8-games regular season (including Mighty Mite Explosion)

Jr. Pee Wee Division

The Jr. Pee Wee Division consists of 8-10 year old players with a weight range of 60-115 lbs & a few 11 year old players 50-80 lbs. This is the first level of full-contact competition tackle football that involves the possibility of moving on to the PAL Championship. This level is for beginning and experienced players. Players at this level begin to learn more intricate levels of blocking, tackling & play execution based on their individual level and experience. The football coaches are no longer on the field or in the huddle, they are on the sidelines coaching and monitoring the team. Kids will start to showcase their talents and come into their own. Practices, games and competitions are more serious and intense than the lower division. Listed below are some football rules in this division:

Our goals for Jr. Pee Wee Divisions:

  • Advancing the basic offensive and defensive terms and schemes
  • Working on developing the proper footwork skills (passing, running, blocking, etc.)
  • learning proper blocking techniques
  • learning proper tackling techniques to prevent injury
  • gaining agility and overall athleticism

Rules Differences  for Jr. Pee Wee include:

  • They play on a 100 yard field.
  • No coaches on the field during play
  • Playoffs and Post-season travel allowed
  • No Platoon system (players can play offense or defense)

Pee Wee Division

In this division competitive football is in full swing, combined with more speed and harder hitting than the previous level. This level is a combination of new and experienced players. Players continue to excel in coordination, self confidence and the desire to compete and advance to the next level. Practices, games and competitions are taken to a new level along with coaching and teamwork.

Our goals for Pee Wee Level Players:

  • Speed is at a new level.
  • Coaching and teamwork is highly important.
  • Playoffs and Post-season travel allowed.
  • Different size ball from lower divisions.
  • More skilled position players

Jr. Varsity Division

This division is for player’s ages 10-12 & light 13 year old. This level continues to build on the age appropriate training with more emphasis in physical conditioning and advance football concepts. Players can build off of what they learned at the previous levels. However, many 1st year players start here as well.

Our goals for Jr. Varsity Level Players:

  • Speed is moving toward the pre-high school level
  • Coaching techniques, expectations and advanced terminology is added to programs
  • Development of player leadership skills are expected at this age

Varsity Division

At this PRE-HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL, the excitement heats up and the desire to hit comes alive, along with the game as these kids use all of the tools they have learned and fine tune them for the next level. This is where tackle football is only played one way- FULL-SPEED & with HEART. If your child plans on playing High School football they should play at least one year at this level. This level is designed to prepare the player to make the transition to High School football.

Our goals for Varsity Level Players:

  • Enforce Heads Up Football concepts and prepare the athletes for high school speeds and skills
  • Provide proper pre-high school level physical conditioning
  • Teach advanced basics of blocking and tackling
  • Teach advanced fundamentals needed for running, passing, receiving, punting and kicking
  • Teach individual and team offensive and defensive skills
  • Teach team work and discipline
  • Motivate all players to strive to do their best to achieve victory with grace and to accept defeat with honor
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